About Us πŸ’•βœ¨

Luv + Charm is a brand that encourages and promotes individuality. We know that everyone has something CHARMING to offer the world and we LUV it. We want to see it! We want to see who you are + celebrate your unique style. We understand that some days call for a full beat face, some days call for light coverage and a NYX butter gloss (personally Gingersnap is my fav) and other days call for your go to oversized hoodie with the distress’s sleeves.Point? We get it! You are human. Let your inner charm do its job. We Luv you for it Darling. Β Luv + Charm is a safe space for you to be anything or anyone you want as long as you aren’t planning to be basic πŸ™„.Β 
WE DON’T DO BASIC.Β If you're having problems we feel bad for you sonwe got ninety-nine problems but being basic ain't one πŸ’•βœ¨