Luvly + Charm Candles

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Luvly + Charm Candles 

Isn’t she LUVLY- this exclusive scent was curated with sophistication + femininity in mind. Hints of Lilly, Vanilla Musk + Tobacco Oud makes this Luvly unforgettable. Embellished with rose petals, peonies + rose quartz Luvly heals while she burns. Open your heart + invite joy, self luv, peace + beauty into your universe. Luvly is HER. We don’t do basic. Slate in color- enhances her sophistication, depth + quality characteristics.

Charm is defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Our Charm candle is the collaboration of Orange , Sandlewood Rose + Amber scents. She is gentle but invigorating. Kind + present. Embellished with rose petals, peonies + rose quartz Charm helps you to get to that higher vibration while she burns. The essence of Charm is sensual + exotic- SIMULTANEOUSLY. White in color- curates an environment of clarity + spirituality. 

8 ounce soy wax candle