Crystal Luv Thermos

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Promote positivity + purification into your daily routine with the all-natural, energizing effects of raw crystals. Clarify. Revitalize. Purify. Renew your mind + body. Hydrate while healing inside + out. Mind your energy Sis 💕✨ Thank us later. 

Please Note: Each crystal is one of a kind and may vary in color and size.

Clear Quartz: The stone of ultimate wisdom and total clarity. It harnesses the balancing energy of positivity, healing, connection, and wisdom. The clear quarts is often proclaimed the master healer crystal + a  powerful cleanser. Promotes Good Vibes Only💕✨

Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love. It harnesses the feminine energy of compassion, love, peace, tenderness, healing and nourishment.

Black Obsidian: Black Obsidian is as dark as night and is a powerful tool for those seeking protection, grounding, deep-set healing and tearing the fabric of falsity to find the truth.

Green Aventurine: It’s a comforter, a harmonizer, and a super handy stone to have stashed on the self for all those who want to bring a little more luck into their world. Whether you need wealth, an extra abundance of love and friendship, or just a bit more growth, Aventurine wants one thing – for you to succeed in all your amazing endeavours, no matter how big or small they may be.

*To care for this item: 

Hand wash your with soapy water. It is NOT dishwasher safe.

Let your air dry with the lid off